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Vermont Ukulele Society Meet Ups

7-9 pm Howden Hall in Bristol

July 15

August - on vacation!

Sept 9 & 23

Upcoming Meetings & Happenings

Preregister at [email protected] for...

On the Steamship Ticonderoga

Ukulele Essential Repertoire

 PLUS whatever you find & bring to a meeting! 

About the Vermont Ukulele Society

Once upon a time, a couple named Jim & Jennifer, after having been inspired to take up the ukulele following a trip to Hawaii, met up with Sue. Sue had a vintage uke belonging to her mother, and wanted to learn to play it. They met at Sue's place and learned ukulele together strumming along with Jim Beloff and Ralph Shaw videos. Meanwhile, in the other corner of the county, Fran was rediscovering her grandmother's Vita Uke, and exploring the use of the ukulele in the field of music education. In January of 2008, after a meeting through Kevin (a world famous ukulele luthier) we all met up and discovered a mutual fondness of Tin Pan Alley, Hawaiian and oldies songs. Karl, who, joined us, and by virtue of the fact that he lives in Hawaii part-time and owns more Hawaiian shirts than anyone else, gave us some credible authenticity. Later that summer, we had our first big gig! A genuine luau at the Rice Paddy in Lincoln! We were hooked and have been adding members & playing ever since!

What kind of music do we play?

We play music from many genres! Much of it is from the "Great American Songbook", plus oldies and pop tunes. If you have a song that you would like to do with us, bring extra songsheets, and we'll give it a try! We get our song ideas from members and from some of the the sites listed on the Links page.

Do we ever perform?

Yes! We love to perform! We've played at fundraisers, company picnics, luncheons, luaus, open air markets, street fairs, sing-alongs, strum-alongs, historical society events, and at Senior Citizens' programs. To see a list of our repertoire click here.

"I want to play, but I'm a beginner!"

That's OK! We were all beginners once. Most of us have been playing just a couple of years or less! We have a beginners session at 6:30. For a ukulele teacher near you, click here.


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